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Long Wait at MBJ Cafeteria

Kristen Soriano

May 22, 2016

By: Dahiana De La Cruz Imagine having an hour and a half break in between classes and needing to buy lunch. Approaching a long line is unpleasant, especially having limited time. Although John Jay College of Criminal Justice...

Did we forget about Environmental Justice?

Christos Almeida

May 22, 2016

In the basement of the New Building on level L3, a floor uncharted by most students, exists the humming of machines and the racket of equipment that keeps the New Building comfortable for all its occupants. From a steamy room...

Gender Neutral Bathrooms- Peeing in Peace

Dahiana De La Cruz

May 21, 2016

By: Roxy Galychanivska Since we were kids, we were always taught that we have to use a bathroom according to our gender. But what happens if you come in the gender neutral bathroom? Do you feel as safe and in a private space ...

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