John Jay Reinstitutes The Credit/No-Credit Option for Fall 2020

Leanna Wells, Editor

Students will have the chance to convert their grades to Credit/No-Credit just like they did in Spring 2020.

Using what is referred to as the “opt-in window,” grades can be converted from December 24, 2020 until January 12, 2021.

John Jay implemented the Credit/No-Credit option on December 15th after Vice Chancellor José Luis Cruz extended the policy to all CUNY schools the week before. 

In a change to the policy, all CUNY schools were given a range of options to choose from.

John Jay will be allowing the use of CR/NC grades for Fall 2020, with the exception of courses that are excluded, mostly in the Undergraduate Department of Sciences and the Graduate Department of Psychology.

“I think the University should’ve made this decision a long time ago. We knew what was going on; the stress of the students, that it was worse this semester. But I’m glad they decided to do the right thing,” said Karen Kaplowitz, Vice-President of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Associate Professor of English at John Jay.

The C/NC policy was implemented in Spring 2020 to provide students with maximum flexibility during the ongoing pandemic. 

Students were able to declare the flexible grading policy as early as May 16th with a 6-week deadline ending June 25th.

When students used this option in the Spring, letter grades of A to D- converted to “Credit” while letter grades of F converted to “No Credit.”

“I feel like I have an equal opportunity to succeed even though we’re all struggling. It’s helping me keep my average good,” said Samantha Jordan, a Junior and Applied Mathematics: Data Science and Cryptography major. 

Jordan plans to convert 4 out of 5 of her classes to the policy. 

At a virtual Town Hall two months ago, President Karol Mason said C/NC would not be an option this semester, saying, “it was only used in the Spring because of the transition of learning.”

Mason’s statement came after several students asked about the reinstitution of the policy for this semester.

However, in November, John Jay’s Student Council adopted a resolution that stated the very serious challenges and risks and pushed for the extension of the flexible grading policy.

“In the beginning, I thought I had it together and I didn’t need it, but once it got half-way through the semester, I was constantly hoping John Jay would have the Credit/No-Credit policy,” said Jordan.

Similar to the Spring, the college urges students to be aware of the risks that may come if they choose to opt-in to the CR/NC option. 

There are scenarios or situations where students may reconsider declaring a CR/NC grade option. With that in mind, John Jay encourages students to speak with their academic advisor because the policy differs from the one implemented in the Spring. 

“This policy is different because there can be negative, unintended consequences, and before you choose the C/NC option, you have to talk to an advisor, an expert in financial aid, or an immigration or a veteran’s advisor,” said Kaplowitz. 

Jay Express hosts info sessions through their Virtual Service Counter for students who have questions about the financial impact of their choice. 

The list of courses that are excluded can be found here

Any further information on the Credit/No-Credit option can be located on this site.