Rupert Murdoch Takes his New Positions at Fox in Stride


Photo by Drew Feliciano

Has the media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, taken Roger Ailes’ office at Fox News already? According to Bill Hemmer and Fox News, this is the case. On September 22nd, Bill Hemmer of Fox News decided to visit the City University of New York’s, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After all the attendees filed into their seats, Mr. Hemmer started the event.

Mr. Hemmer discussed his past and answered questions from students regarding the media’s role during election cycles.

In one of his explanations, Mr. Hemmer touched upon the departure of Fox News’ former CEO, and founder, Roger Ailes. This is where Mr. Hemmer made his intriguing claim.

Mr. Hemmer stated that Rupert Murdoch had already taken Roger Ailes’ office at Fox News. Could Mr. Murdoch have already made this transition this quickly? It seems Mr. Hemmer’s claim rings true.

On July 21st, 2016, 21st Century Fox announced that Rupert Murdoch would become the new CEO and Chairman of Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

In a statement to Fox News, Rupert Murdoch praised the former CEO: Roger Ailes has made a remarkable contribution to our company and our country.  Roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organization and executed it brilliantly over 20 great years.”

What does this rapid, and substantial change mean for the American news powerhouse? Mr. Murdoch believes that with the support of the current management, Fox can continue their goal of providing news coverage to “every corner of the country.”

“To ensure continuity of all that is best about Fox News and what it stands for, I will take over as Chairman and acting CEO, with the support of our existing management team under Bill Shine, Jay Wallace and Mark Kranz,” said Murdoch.

Mr. Hemmer’s comment does not seem to be very surprising. In less than a month, it seems that Mr. Murdoch is using his new powers as CEO and Chairman to make changes to executive positions within the organization.

According to a report also released by Fox News, Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine were appointed as Co-Presidents of Fox News Channel, and Fox Business Network. During this announcement, Mr. Murdoch speaks very highly of the two new Co-Presidents. He sees them as extremely influential in the history of the networks, and views them as an integral part in the success of the organization well into the future.

“Jack was integral to the launch and success of FOX News nearly 20 years ago, and we’re delighted he’s returning to take on this additional role. As we continue to benefit from his strong leadership of Fox Television Stations, his strategic vision and deep knowledge of the cable news business will ensure continued growth of FOX News and FOX Business Network for generations to come,” said Murdoch

He added, “Bill Shine has developed and produced a signature primetime that has dominated the cable news landscape for 14 of his 20 years with FOX News. His leadership and keen eye for programming has played a fundamental role in the success of both FOX News and FOX Business Network.”

Time will only tell what type of changes, if any, that these speedy, and significant substitutions in management will have on Fox News Channel, and Fox Business Network.

“While this has been a time of great transition, there has never been a greater opportunity for Fox News and Fox Business to better serve and expand their audiences,” Mr. Murdoch stated.