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Second Amendment to Bite the Bullet at JJAY

By: Daniel Abraham Scan the Atrium at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Anyone with attuned ears can eavesdrop on conversation in the corridors of John Jay about guns, whether to ban them or keep them, whether to obtain a permit for them, whether to take Air Pistol Shooting class as an elective, and […]

Stepping Into The Ring With Professor Trimbur

By: Donna Razawi Professor Lucia Trimbur, author of Come Out Swinging: The Changing World of Boxing in Gleason’s Gym. At a quick glance, Professor Trimbur is an Assistant Professor of sociology at John Jay. While she may not be a boxer, she just published a book about female boxing, in which she experienced some of what […]

A Professor’s Workload: More Than Teaching

By: Simonne Isaac   Continuous research, several committee commitments, a seven-course workload in an academic  year, stellar assessments, and timely grading of student assignments are required if a professor wants to teach at John Jay.   “John Jay is both a teaching and research institution,” said Associate English Professor  and Co-Chair of the John Jay […]

Instagram: An App For Liars

By: Sabrina Calabria   A smile, a snap, and the image is captured, but it doesn’t keep its original impression for long. With the many tricks of Photoshop the picture is transformed. Blue eyes look bluer, the sky blooms with shades of yellow and orange, and skin appears flawless. Although photo editing can change an […]

Procrast…I’ll Finish It Later

By: Alondra Ramos It’s the day before the backdrop is due and he is still coloring in the sketches for the Cultural Society’s biggest event of the year.  The entire cast is depending on the backdrop to look spectacular with colors popping and designs intricately weaving together to show the differences of the world’s diverse […]

RUSH Movie Review: Racecar Film Falters on the Way to the Finish Line.

RUSH Movie Review: Racecar Film Falters on the Way to the Finish Line.

  By Stephen Amato Contributing Writer When I first heard that Ron Howard was directing a race car film like “Rush,” I was curious. Wow. Ron Howard I thought. He has been directing good, solid films for years. But then I tried to think of one great film from his resume. Sure, he directed “Cocoon,” […]

Spring Trend Cosmetic Line

By: Denisa Durakovic The weather is getting warmer, the bright colors are coming out, and the ladies are in better moods. The spring trend is a preview to the summer trend it is just in a slower production. Asit appears in magazines, fashion shows, and other catalogues there is a high trend for the light,bright, and […]

Reverting to Islam

By Ahmed Jaradat When hanging out with my friend Abdulsalam, he is usually quiet and reserved. Even when you converse with him, he doesn’t give much of an opinion about anything, silence is his strength. However, when talking about Islam his eyes seem to light up and he becomes fully engaged. You can just feel […]

A New Chapter For The Bloodhounds

By David Cruz Last year was the least successful season in the history of the Bloodhounds. When the 2012 came to a close, John Jay stood at 11-26, including a 2-9 record against the CUNY Atlantic Coast Conference.  Now it is 2013 and with it, came a new coaching staff with an influx of new […]

Greenpoint Oil Spill

By Yevgeniy Tarakhovsky Today, New York City is one of the least polluted metropolitan areas in the world. Ironically, it is also the home of the third largest and one of the least known oil spills in the country.  After almost five decades of neglect, the oil spill of Greenpoint, Brooklyn is finally beginning to […]

New Print In A New Industry

By Joseph Savino Most people are aware of the different kinds of printers available today: Laser, Inkjet, Thermal and even Solid Ink. It’s rare to find anyone in the U.S. that has never used one, but another type of printing has recently taken to the public by storm, and that is the 3D printer. But […]

Fierce Yet Comfy

By Cheriva Lambert   Riding boots are one of the “must have” items in a female’s closet. Riding boots have been around for a long time but recently these types of boots have become the most seen foot wear this fall. They are three types of riding boots – knee high,over-the-knee boots, and ankle boots […]

Oh So Natural…

By Sabrina B. Guillaume Is it possibly that the cure for the creamy crack was right beneath our scalp this whole time. The natural hair movement has now become an epidemic, uniting woman of color to embrace the purist element of their being, natural beauty. The press and curl, perm, and  the relaxer which is […]

Hair Color 101: How to Achieve the Perfect Hair Color at Home

By Justin Budde   Let’s face it, we’re usually scouring through magazines to see  the  current fashion trends celebrities are following. It’s very common for us to model after a celebrity, and one feature that catches our eyes as being easily attainable is the color of their hair. Hair coloring is a growing trend not just […]

Internship Opportunities: Departments Work with Students to Fulfill Career Goals

By Jeannette Villeda John Jay College was originally named the College of Police Science, focusing solely in policing issues, it evolved into a school that would offer twenty-two majors, nine of which offer internships. John Jay students are often unaware that the college offers credited internship opportunities as part of their major. An academic internship […]

Headphone Danger: Is Anyone Listening?

By Adrian Cepeda Headphones have become a staple in everyone’s lives, but everyone seems to be ignoring the consequences. Hearing loss is on the rise among teenagers and young adults due to the frequency of use and volume of the headphones. According to the Journal of American Medical Association hearing loss in teens is “30% […]

Bringing Natural Back

By Keyunna Singleton Some call it a trend while others call it a movement, but whatever the name more women are embracing their natural hair and ditching the process of relaxers. There are roughly six steps to getting a relaxer and almost three times as many warnings on the box.  Although, the warnings are displayed […]

Sanstha Uses Spirituality to Guide Teens

By Yugma Patel Driving fast and breaking curfews. Arguing with parents and shoplifting. Smoking, drinking and rebelling. Those are just some things today’s teenagers are tempted with. Nevertheless, how can we guide our youths of today into being the leaders of tomorrow and point them towards a righteous life? A young man or woman can […]

Cellphonism: A New Epidemic

By Navita Nauth Imagine that every few seconds there are students checking their phones. They want to see what’s the latest update on their Facebook accounts or if there’s anything new on Instagram. Sometimes in class, they take a sneak peak at their phones, looking for an outlet from the mundane tone of their professor’s […]

Clear and Present Danger? Caution: BPA Maybe Harmful to Users

By Dale Gopie Think about how important plastic is to everyday life. Nursing mothers depend on plastic bottles to carry their baby’s formula. Thousands of people use Tupperware to store and reheat their food. From pens that are held in class, to the phones that are raised to your ear, almost everything people come into […]

Denim is the “New Black” for College Females

By Corrada Spatola Spring is in the air and so is denim. College females throughout NYC can be seen sporting more denim than usual due to the fabric’s trendy yet affordable quality. Denim has become increasingly popular throughout the fashion world and even more popular among college females.  This is due in part to denim’s […]

Long Island Community Still Struggling in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By Michael Brocking Six months later and still no real recovery in sight. In the days following the initial destruction of hurricane Sandy, neighbors came together to aid one another in any way they could.  Those who had food shared the food they had; those who had generators shared them allowing neighbors to charge their cell […]

The Challenge: Choosing A New Career Path

By Stephanie Hom Looking refreshed and awake at an hour others are just getting off work, Jason Wong sipped on a warm chai latte while peering out the glass window of a corner Starbucks in New York City. “I remember when I used to be one of them,” Wong said, with nostalgia in his eyes as […]

Hooked on Adderall

By Yumna Khan   Caffeine and Adderall are stimulants meant to increase the physiological activity in the body, but the latter has now become the latest trend among students diagnosed with Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and prominent among those who are not diagnosed. “Now we are in the information age and it’s much […]