December 10, 2016

Female Basketball Player Breaks Records


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By Keyunna Singleton

Staff Writer

Jamecia Forsythe, of John Jay’s Women’s Basketball team, is set to have record-breaking season.

Forsythe, a senior and second year captain, is projected to surpass a 1000 points and 1000 rebounds for her career.She is 31 points and 78 rebounds away from the milestone.

The 21 year-old would be the first John Jay student, and the third female athlete in the NCAA CUNY conference to do this.Forsythe has played for the team since her freshman year and became team captain as a Junior.

“It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m going to be the first ever John Jay student to do this,” said Forsythe. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I can’t wait for it to happen.”

Nonetheless, her ultimate goal is to win a championship. Something she has targeted since becoming a Bloodhound.

“I want a chip first and foremost,” Forsythe said.

To reinforce the idea of winning into her team, she draws from Ian Terry for inspiration. Terry was the winner from season 14 of “Big Brother”, her favorite reality show.

According to Forsythe, Terry says, “If you can plan it and you can see it then you can have it.”

She refers to this quote to focus her game, especially when preparing to play against Baruch College. Baruch’s basketball team is the six-time CUNY conference champion.

“Someone has to stop them, why not us?” said Forsythe.

It’s been 21 years since John Jay’s women’s basketball team has won a championship and Forsythe believes that the opportunity is waiting for her.

Her mother, Joan Forsythe, is “delighted” by her daughter’s passion, though there was a time when it affected their relationship.

Joan Forsythe, a mother of four, refers to her only daughter as “Mecia”. “I did not always want Mecia to play basketball,” she said. “I wanted her to be regular.”

After seeing how much her daughter loved basketball, she wants to see her “go all the away.”

Forsythe’s mother used to worry about her daughter’s distant traveling and staying late at practices and games.

“She used to go alone,” she said of her daughter, while other parents would drop their daughters off and pick them up.

Because she had to work, often two jobs, Forsythe did a lot of traveling on the buses and trains by her self. Ms. Forsythe admits to asking her daughter not to go to practice at times.

Forsythe always declined. “She never, never, never missed a day even if it was cold or she was sick,” Ms. Forsythe said.

“Sometimes she would be so sore that she would have to eat in bed. But she always keep up with her school work,” she said.

Forsythe has been an excellent student since grade school. Graduating second in her class in junior high and high school, her mother finds her drive and determination admirable.

Back at John Jay, her coach Diane Ramirez says “I love her like she is my own daughter.”

Ramirez refers to Forsythe as “the hardest working student athlete I’ve ever had.”

Forsythe plans to continue her education at medical school after she graduates in May. She encourages anyone that has a goal in life to pursue it, no matter the obstacles. “If you have a love for something, don’t let anything stop it.”

A New Athletic Director to take Palumbo’s Post

By Keyunna Singleton

Staff Writer

In March, John Jay hired a new Athletic Director, Carol Kashow, to replace former Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach Dan Palumbo, and she has brought many changes to the department with her.

As The Sentinel reported last fall, Palumbo resigned as athletic director because he felt it was time for a change to the department and himself. One of the first things Kashow changed since becoming Head of the Department was upgrading the annual John Jay Athletic Banquet.

The Banquet is held in the gymnasium at the end of the semester when all sports are out of season. It usually takes place during community hour, which Kashow says makes it feel like a rushed event. According to Kashow, in an attempt to “make it special for the athletes and staff,” it was changed to a formal evening event. Guests were required to wear business casual attire. Among the special guests was an actual Bloodhound – the four-legged kind – from Florida, named Maddison.

Kashow has also created several resources for the student athletes. Sophomore basketball player, Amber Villegas, stated, “She is doing a lot for the athletes. She makes us feel important, like we are one of her main priorities.” In addition the program now has academic support for athletes, a service run by Danielle Rosario. According to Villegas, “we get to meet with someone that works in the athletics department to make sure we are doing well in class.” Student athletes said they appreciate this project, especially the ones who fear they may lose their eligibility to play.

Student athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA to play. Some more ambitious athletes, such as 3-team player O’Shea Alexander strive for a GPA higher than that. As a member of the Men’s basketball, volleyball, and cross-country teams, Alexander has a busy schedule. Considered an all-around athlete, Alexander admits that before Kashow made Bloodhounds her pups, his main priority was “putting on a jersey and performing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” Admiring Kashow’s aggressiveness, Alexander is pushing to be a better athlete on court and a stronger student in class. In addition, teammate Korede Griffith, who also plays on the men’s basketball, volleyball and cross-country team,  states that he too “is more focused and thinks more about classes.”

However, most students don’t play more than one sport and the majority of their time is spent hanging out with their teammates. Many athletes miss out on the opportunity to get to know other student athletes. So to address this issue, Kashow hosted the first annual student athlete orientation on Sept. 8. This event gave the athletes a chance to get to meet other players from other teams. Many of the athletes enjoyed the event, despite it being held on a Sunday, a few even posted pictures and videos on Instagram of activities that took place.

Some of the athletes are really excited about the addition of meal money to the program. Meal money is a stipend every student athlete receives to purchase food at away games. Despite this great addition, other athletes worry about game attendance. In the past not many athletic events got support from students on campus, sometimes the other teams rarely supported each other.

According to Kashow, the plan to increase attendance is by motivating the fans. In other words, “take the athletes to the people,” Kashow said. The Athletics Department is bringing the athletes to the students in a number of ways. One of which is by creating a Twitter and YouTube account.

To keep up with events and scores, follow the departments Twitter, @JohnJayAthletics and subscribe to the YouTube page, John Jay Athletics. Another way they plan on reaching the masses is by live-streaming some of the events.

Kashow says John Jay athletics was one of the first and only CUNY schools to receive a grant to live-stream ten of their events. The events will be displayed on kiosks throughout campus. Students can also view them on their smart-phones and computers. The first event to be live-streamed is a Women’s volleyball game on October 1. Kashow also mentions using sandwich boards to attract students’ attention. For students born after the internet, a sandwich board is two connected posters that hang in front of and behind a person that displays advertisements.

Using old inventions to get new ideas is one of the ways Kashow is trying to get things done. The goal for the department is “to be the first at everything,”said Kashow. For Kashow, the process to that goal will hopefully “give all the people using the facility a great experience along the way.”

How could a more successful athletic program help shape the reputation of John Jay? Only time will tell. As of now, Kashow wants all of John Jay to know, “we invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey to grow this program. I think it is a great program,” she said.


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Meet New B-Ball Coach


Image by mvongrue via Flickr

In September, the John Jay Men’s basketball team, coming off of a 9 – 17 season, named Otis Fenn the new head coach.
Fenn isn’t a rookie in the coaching field.
As assistant coach in 2005, he helped lead New York City College of Technology to a CUNYAC championship and to the second round of the NCAA Men’s Division III tournament.
He has been coaching at City Tech for the past eleven years and the last five of them he was head coach.
Fenn calls himself a “players coach” and a “disciplinarian” who’s going to bring a new style of play to the “Doghouse,” something the John Jay student body “hasn’t seen in years.”
“It’s going to be a fast up-tempo style of offense,” Fenn said, “it’s going to be real exciting.”
Making the transition easier for the new coach is the fact that the Bloodhounds, who lost no seniors to graduation, have the nucleus of last year’s team returning; led by Jerome Alexander who finished third in the league in scoring.
The system Fenn wants to put in place isn’t difficult according to him, it is just demanding; the players need to be in top physical shape. This is because on top of the fast paced offense, Fenn is going to install a press defense into the system. This shouldn’t be hard given the great attitude of the players according to Fenn, although there are areas that need to be improved.
“Free throw shooting and rebounding are a problem,” Fenn said “but those are fundamental areas that can be improved.”
The biggest challenge walking into a new team is just getting to know the players according to Fenn. But being a player’s coach, he adjusts to the players, “the players don’t adjust to me.”
Fenn’s energy should mesh well with the team’s obvious chemistry as he is going to allow them to utilize their specific skill sets to the best of their abilities.
“With the core back we’re going to be much better, I can name seven or eight players ready to contribute right off the bat” Fenn said. “There is a lot of talent on this team that needs to be pushed.” 

Women Swimming

College of Staten Island’s women swimming team lost to Hunter College with a score of 55-31. Now the CSI’s dolphins will face off against the  John Jay bloodhounds on November 4th at 6pm.

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Player Of The Week

John Jay College soccer player Brenda Pitts was awarded City University of New York Athletic Conference(CUNYAC)/Applebee’s Women Soccer player of the week. A co-captain of the soccer team, she wins the award for the first time this season. She won the CUNYAC All-Star and sportmanship award last season. She led the soccer team to victory over NYU-Polytechnic 1-0 scoring the only goal of the game on October 22nd. October 24th John Jay’s Bloodhounds beat York college 2-0 and on November 2nd

A Soccer ball.

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they have an upcoming game against City College in the semifinals round of CUNYAC/Applebee’s Women’s Soccer championships.