December 11, 2016

The Plan in Afghanistan

United (States) Parcel Service.

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John Jay Professor Peter Romaniuk of political science and Fordham University Professor Melissa Labonte of political science critique America’s action in Afghanistan. They explain that the current tactics deployed by the U.S. have only led to more bloodshed and the bravado demonstrated by many military officials are not warranted. The professors urging that policymakers and military officials to restrategize the United States’ goal in the region and to have a more realistic and pragmatic plan going into Afghanistan.

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Prisoner Re-entry and reform

Prisoner (TV series)

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John Jay College has an initiative to encourage education and reform for ex-prisoners to reduce the number of re-entry. The initiative is called Prisoner Re-entry Institute at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The institute is led by Executive director Ann Jacob, she has researched and worked to resolve the issue of prisoner re-entry and counteract the philosophy of “get tough on crime” which many lawmakers have enforced on prisoners. Jacobs in the past has worked as a reformer and national advocate to teach and lecture others on crime, the people that go to prison and the issue of re-entry. One of the  projects created by Prisoner Re-entry Institute  enrolls twelve prisoners at Otisville Correctional Facility who are scheduled to be released in three years  to learn under college instruction; in the hopes that this will reduce prisoner re-entry and improve communities.

As found on Diverse Issues In Higher Education