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Fashion Faux Pas

By: Darren Harris Staff Writer Summer is almost over and the season is beginning to change to fall, and along with the change of season, fashion seems to follow right along. The summer fashions have seen a tremendous outburst of color such as violet tulip, freesia, white, placid blue, sand and dazzling blue in
jeans, shorts, […]

Men’s Do’s and Don’ts

By: Jenifer Valmon Contributing Writer For those of you who enjoyed the hot days of summer, withdrawals are likely on the way. No need to break out the box of tissues or shed tears for your favorite summer shorts, because fall is around the corner, and I’ve got just the right tips that can help revamp […]

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

The Long Island serial killings of women prostitutes have become a mystery even being called “the Gilgo Beach Murder mystery.” Many experts believe that there are multiple killers due to the number of victims, the different methods used in disposing the body, and the number of years that separate the murders. Louis B. Schlesinger, Professor […]

Be “Siege” My Eyes

Be "Siege" My Eyes

Prior to 2001, bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 led to many speculations concerning a terrorist attack on US soil. Not to be left out, Hollywood decided to try their luck at such an idea when in 1998, “The Siege” starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis was released. Whether this movie was a […]