December 11, 2016

Prisoner Re-entry and reform

Prisoner (TV series)

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John Jay College has an initiative to encourage education and reform for ex-prisoners to reduce the number of re-entry. The initiative is called Prisoner Re-entry Institute at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The institute is led by Executive director Ann Jacob, she has researched and worked to resolve the issue of prisoner re-entry and counteract the philosophy of “get tough on crime” which many lawmakers have enforced on prisoners. Jacobs in the past has worked as a reformer and national advocate to teach and lecture others on crime, the people that go to prison and the issue of re-entry. One of the  projects created by Prisoner Re-entry Institute  enrolls twelve prisoners at Otisville Correctional Facility who are scheduled to be released in three years  to learn under college instruction; in the hopes that this will reduce prisoner re-entry and improve communities.

As found on Diverse Issues In Higher Education