December 11, 2016

A John Jay Graduate Remembers 9/11

Norhan Basuni

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From WNYC: “Norhan Basuni (JJ ’11) divides her life into the time before September 11th, and the time after. For her, it is day that she, an ordinary 7th grader, became a symbol of Islam, of “them”, and to some, of terrorism.   In the wake of the attacks, she remembers her father telling her she could no longer wear hijab because he feared for her safety after family friends were attacked in the street. She was taunted by classmates in school. Now an accomplished 21-year-old college graduate, Norhan reports on how she coped with these experiences as a pre-teen and teenager, and how she developed into an educator, a spoken word poet, and a defender of her faith.”

Basuni worked at WNYC over the summer and reported, edited, produced and mixed a story that aired Sept. 8, 2011. Listen to the piece here.