John Jay’s Spring 2020 Career and Internship Fair

Valarie D'Amico, Writer

Next week on March 12th, the John Jay Center for Career and Professional Development will be holding its Spring 2020 Career and Internship Fair. It will take place in the Hareen Hall 4th floor gym, from noon to 4 pm.

All majors are welcome, from first-year students to alumni. The Career Center advises students to dress in professional attire, and they will also be offering LinkedIn headshots for free. 105 employers are attending this fair, and there are still more predicted to come.

Many of the employers will be from various police departments around the country. There will also be correctional facility jobs, private security, government services like the Better Business Bureau, the U.S. Army and the New York City Fire Department. There will be plenty of miscellaneous jobs and nonprofit organizations.

Farjana Ahmed, the graduate assistant for Employer Relations at the Career Center, has some advice for those considering attending. She suggests that before March 12th, they should visit the pre-fair training workshops from May 9th until the 11th. The Career Center designed these workshops to prepare students, advising them on what to wear, what to ask, and what employers will ask them.

These workshops will be given in both the Career Center and the Women’s Center during community hour. Ahmed also suggests researching employers to know what to expect.

Students at John Jay are excited about the prospect of a job fair. Dyucel Joan Borio, a criminal justice major talks about her hopes for the fair.

“I’m going to go to the one in March, and I hope I can find out what jobs I can do as a criminal justice major,” she said. 

However, Borio also thinks that there should be an expansion to the careers represented. 

“For example, the NYPD hiring a person who will do suspect sketches and crime scene sketches. I can draw and do computer graphics. Perfect job!” she said.

Any further questions about the career fair can be directed to the John Jay Center for Career and Professional Development.

Their contact information can be found on their website: