Time Management: No Longer Manageable

Time Management: No Longer Manageable

By Christopher Persaud New York, NY – Time is a construct and creates stress for students without proper management skills. The time for studying, working and rest provides a dilemma because there is never enough time. One notebook with all deadlines and time slots for certain assignments can provide structure to your day as a college […]

Carry Books No More – Go Digital

Carry Books No More - Go Digital

By Kevin Narvaez At John Jay, there are two ways of conducting class in the way of readings.  Most, if not all, classes require books for course and professors have two different formats in which text is required; the ‘old school’ style of physical books or the ‘new’ found age of digital media. As with every […]

Tests, Stress, and a Big Mess: Students Contemplate Dropping Out

Tests, Stress, and a Big Mess: Students Contemplate Dropping Out

As the end of the semester comes along, a lot of stress has piled up on college students at John Jay. Papers to give in, and finals to study for causes students to re-think their college degree. According to a study from Harvard University students across America feel the need to drop out as a […]

Being A Homeless College Student

Being A Homeless College Student

By Lauren Valdez “Where should I sleep tonight? Where will I go? Do I have enough for food today or will I have to go to sleep hungry tonight also?” These are the kind of questions many homeless college students face today. A John Jay student with a double major in Law and Society and […]

Post-Election Reflection

by Riad Mahmuti Cesar Villarreal is a student in New York City who followed he election until the end. The outcome was not in Cesar’s favor, for he said, “Trump winning confused me; I don’t understand how people could vote for a person like him.” Cesar was not a heavy Clinton supporter; he viewed the situation as a lose-lose, […]

Post-Election Feelings

Post-Election Feelings

  by Glorimar Mata Trump’s triumph in the election has left many New Yorkers speechless. How was this possible? The city has a lot to say about the end results of this election. Angie Chaijub is currently a college assistant for the Urban Male Initiative Program at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She […]

Post Election Thoughts

Post Election Thoughts

  by Stephanie Calderon and Andrew Bandini  Yesterday morning, I ran into Krystle on the 1 train on my way to class. She was excited to see me–full of happiness and passion, as she usually is. This morning, I ran into Krystle in the Honors Lounge on my way to interview a student about last […]

Rupert Murdoch Takes his New Positions at Fox in Stride

Rupert Murdoch Takes his New Positions at Fox in Stride

By Drew Feliciano Has the media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, taken Roger Ailes’ office at Fox News already? According to Bill Hemmer and Fox News, this is the case. On September 22nd, Bill Hemmer of Fox News decided to visit the City University of New York’s, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After all the attendees filed […]

Following the One in Furry Red

By: Pema Chozom It was around 11 p.m. on a Friday night in Times Square and the lights continued to shimmer bright from the electronic billboards as the sounds of cars from 42nd street filled the air. Policemen moved to and from patrolling the area, and crowds of tourists filled the air with excitement. The […]

The Secret Lives of Bed-Stuy House Cats

By: Martin Joseph In Bedford-Stuyvesant, small business owners are finding a new source of cheap labor within the homeless population. These workers are usually tasked with killing mice in basements and open lots. They happily work for $1.25 a day, as long as it is paid in cat food. Hugo is an orange cat who […]

My Day As A Free Hugger

By: Stephanie Balcacer What do a New York City police officer, a doorman, and a used car salesman all have in common? While this may sound like the beginning of a cliche joke, they all shared one thing: they each stepped forward to give out hugs on the open streets of New York City to […]

Stress and teens: How it’s affecting their everyday life

By: Alexandra Contreras More and more teens are showing high levels of stress and health problems according to a study done by the American Psychological Association (APA). Today, many of them are facing health issues due to the constant stress that they are going through. The study showed that teens are overwhelmed or depressed because […]

Coffee Rivals

By: Jessica Enchauetegui It’s late Tuesday evening in North Jersey. The local Dunkin Donuts parking lot is eerily empty and a lone worker can be seen slowly sweeping the store from the outside window. At first, one might assume that the level of inactivity at the popular franchise could be due to the fact that […]

Comic Book Culture: The Influence of Superheroes

Comic Book Culture: The Influence of Superheroes

By Kelvin A. Hualpa Comic book culture has had a profound on adults andchildren alike. In ancient times, people told myths and folktales as a form of entertainment and as a way to build imaginations. However, in this new generation, what has taken the place of folklore and myths are comic books. There has been […]

#GetTested: STDs and the College Campus

By: Asia Boodoo The discovery of an STD (sexually transmitted disease) can be a life altering experience for anyone. A John Jay student, who did not want to disclose her name, tested positive for trichomoniasis, a parasitic STD that she received from her partner of six months. “I received a call early in the morning […]

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Faculty Union’s Long Road to a Contract By Parish Maynard Staff Writer Five years without a contract. Six years without a raise. The Professional Staff Congress of CUNY continues to provoke Chancellor Milliken and CUNY management as the negotiation for a new contract continues. Indeed, there are over thousands of teachers, 408 full-time faculty members and 896 […]

And The Winner Is…

John Jay Professor Wins Stockholm Prize By Edir Coronado Staff Writer John Jay’s Professor Cathy Spatz Widom is being awarded the 2015 Stockholm Prize in Criminology. The annual Stockholm Prize is going to Widom for her body of work on the relationship between abused children and their likelihood of becoming criminal offenders as adults. The […]

Dear Val: Birth Control

By: Valentina Henriquez Staff Writer Is birth control effective? What kinds of birth control are there? Anonymous  There are many birth control methods out there. You must consult with your primary doctor in order to make sure you use the best and safest method for your body. Everyone’s body is different.  A doctor is also […]

Everyone’s Need, Not Everyone’s Greed

Everyone's Need, Not Everyone's Greed

By: Jenifer Valmon Staff Writer On Sept. 21, 2014, New York City hosted one of the many People’s Climate March happening around the world. Considered the largest march in history, an estimated four hundred thousand people processed from 86th street to 34th street, in New York City, including fifty thousand students, according to the Peoples Climate website. Colorful […]

Fashion Faux Pas

By: Darren Harris Staff Writer Summer is almost over and the season is beginning to change to fall, and along with the change of season, fashion seems to follow right along. The summer fashions have seen a tremendous outburst of color such as violet tulip, freesia, white, placid blue, sand and dazzling blue in
jeans, shorts, […]

Souled Out Or Sold Out

By: Ryan Durning Staff Writer Jhené Aiko’s debut album “Souled Out” was released on Sept. 9th. The Def Jam signed songbird has slowly brought attention to this project through a mixtape, guest appearances, and last year’s “Sail Out” EP. Thankfully, Aiko doesn’t disappoint her fans, bringing introspective songwriting to this album in spades. The West […]

Dear Val

By: Valentina Henriquez Contributing Writer 22 year old Iesha Galloway asked, “How effective is a safe-word when having sex?” Dear Ieasha, A safe-word can be used during sexual intercourse, especially when engaging in bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism, also known as BDSM. The purpose of a safe-word is to let your partner(s) know you do not […]

Jeezy Spits Fire

By: Ryan Durning Staff Writer Jeezy has been through a lot in the music industry in the decade since his first album, including a recent arrest for gun possession after a man was killed backstage at one of his concerts. On his latest LP, “Seen It All: The Autobiography,” he’s more concerned with his place […]

Defendant Obama

By: Davon Singh Contributor On July 30, House Republicans passed a resolution that gave Speaker of the House John Boehner the authority to sue President Barack Obama. What’s so strange about this entire situation is the reason the President is being sued. Obama is being sued because, ac- cording to Republicans, he is inadequately enforcing […]