December 10, 2016

NewsFeed: Trying To Find Houses For The Formely Incarcerated

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Even out of prison people with a criminal background still cannot seem to get a break. For the formerly incarcerated finding a home can be difficult especially when landlords can choose to bar such individuals. A toolkit or guide was developed by Fortune Society and John Jay College Criminal Justice to help people with a criminal past to find education and housing.  National Reentry Resource Center presents a webinar that reviews the toolkit as well as other findings to aid people with criminal histories.

Sources- National Reentry Resource Center

NewsFeed: The Crime Report Developed A Top Ten List for Criminal Justices Stories of 2011

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The Crime Report, published by the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice,with the help of contributors and bloggers complied a list of top ten Criminal Justice stories of 2011. The stories were according to The Crime Report to be significant and interesting in terms of Criminal Justice. Topics on the list include changes in corrections, re-evaluating the reliability of eyewitnesses identification, and redefining what rape is.

Source- The Crime Report

NewsFeed: Murder Is Down, But Why?

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This year alone New York City has experienced its third lowest homicide rates of 502. The lowest being in 2009 of 471 and the second being in 2007 of 499. The decline in homicide is also more significant or sharper in the city than anywhere else in the nation. Mayor Bloomberg attributes the decrease to the work of police and fire departments but experts are not too sure about that. Experts such as Andrew Karmen, sociology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, attributes the decline to the current lifestyle of young adults. Karmen believes because young adults from ages 18 to 24 are attending colleges,  they are less likely be murdered then young adults that do not attend college.

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Murder Mystery

The Long Island serial killings of women prostitutes have become a mystery even being called “the Gilgo Beach Murder mystery.” Many experts believe that there are multiple killers due to the number of victims, the different methods used in disposing the body, and the number of years that separate the murders. Louis B. Schlesinger, Professor of Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice believes there is only one serial killer. Despite the number of victims and the gap in years between the first murder and the last, 15 years, he still believes there is one murderer. In response to the reason why the victims were dismembered in the past but are no longer, Schlesinger  explains that

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the killer must have just realized that it was too much work and decided to switch up his methods.

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The Human Rights Studies minor
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NewsFeed: Joint Degree MA/JD

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John Jay College  and New York Law School next year will launch a four year joint degree of Forensic Psychology and Law. The aim for this joint degree is to have attorneys that are trained in mental disability law that can advocate and create public policy to help people with mental disabilities and also to have psychologist knowledgeable about the law. The joint degree program begins 2012 and consist of 128 credits; students would have to apply and get accepted separately to both to John Jay College and New York Law School.

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The United States and Somalia have yet to ratify a treaty that protects the rights of children. The treaty is widely accepted among the United Nations and is considered to be a landmark in terms of children human rights.

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NewsFeed: John Jay Lecturer Comments On Abuse In Correctional Institution

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John Jay College Lecturer Martin Horn compares Penn State scandal to the allegations of corrections officers assaulting inmates that were convicted of sex crimes. Horn comments that is not surprising for there to be abuse in a correctional institution.


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