University Student Senate Candidates

Asia M. Johnson

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. Joining USS means advocating for a CUNY world I would love to see, not only for myself, but for all CUNY students. I plan to advocate for CUNY Dreamers, no tuition hikes, and more emotionally comfortable CUNY campuses. I want to advocate for Dreamers because it is an atrocity that immigrant students are being deprived of their educational hopes and future dreams. I will do all in my power to advocate for resources and an effective system for CUNY Dreamers to be supported. Secondly, I will advocate for no tuition hikes and tuition decrease in USS because CUNY schools should be cheap and affordable. Lastly, I want to advocate for more emotionally comfortable CUNY campuses. As a USS delegate I want to feel like we (us students) are fighting.




Hey Bloodhounds,
My name is Jacqueline and I am running for University Student Senate .
As a former senator at BMCC and Intern at Faith in New York, I learned to advocate for the issues that affect our communities. As a DreamActivist, I plan to represent the undocumented community here at John Jay and CUNY wide.
If elected, I’ll address and create a plan of action for the current $200 tuition hike, the non-transparent student activity fee and the lacking resources for technology. I hope that by voting for me, you can feel assure that I can properly represent our John Jay communities needs and you trust I can continue to improve the work of those who came before me so our school continues to be a safe space for education.



Year: Junior
Major: Public Administration
Ethnicity: Latinx
Experience: Former BMCC Senator, CUNY Lobbyist, Immigration and Justice Organizer and
Project Manager.