Senior Representative Candidates

Jasmine Awad

My name is Jasmine Awad and I’m running to be your Senior Representative! I’m a strong believer that as students, our voice is our largest form of power. As a continuing student leader, I have never failed to use my voice within John Jay College. I’ve worked, and will continue to work to create a smoother transition for transfer students, recognize academically engaged students, assist with student retention, raise awareness for personal and mental health, raise awareness for juvenile justice, create efficacy among the planning of student organization events, and never shy away from the administration when students are being overshadowed. With my immense experience and relationships through many departments, I will ensure that my fellow 2018-2019 seniors feel secure within their next steps after graduation, and are satisfied with their last year at John Jay. Please look out for more detail in my campaign platform, and vote for me!


Saaif Alam

Major: Criminal Justice Management
Minor: Psychology & Political Science
Desired Position: Senior Representative

My purpose for serving this position is to ensure quality academic, financial and social success for the mass population of students. As a student leader, I want to work collaboratively with everyone and respond to concerns & needs you may encounter as an undergraduate student.


Qualifications for Position
• Can take affirmative action to meet students’ needs instantly
• Can work collaboratively with students’ faculty members, college staff in order to address the needs for large population of the John Jay Community
• Can negotiate solutions that can create long term academic, financial and social benefits for students in the undergraduate program

Agendas as Senior Representative
• Improve WIFI Services
• Extend Laptop Borrowing Time
• Improve Accessibilities Services
• Improve MBJ Services
• Transform Writing Center into a Humanities Center
• Establish Universal Scholarship Program for Undocumented Student

Ari Baim

My name is Ari Baim and once I am elected Senior Representative there are several issues on my agenda that I will be focusing on. Some of these issues include but are not limited to:

● Opening a tutoring center for the economics department
● Reinstating John Jay’s Paralegal Certification Program
● Attracting well known private sector companies to John Jay
● Focusing on jobs relating to fraud examination and cybercrime
● Increasing the amount of scholarships available to students
● Renovating the game room
● Allowing students to borrow laptops from the laptop loan center for more than 24 hours
● Increasing the duration of open recreation activities (such as basketball) in the gym
● Ensuring DACA students can continue attending college

I’m the right candidate for this position because I’m involved in various aspects of student life at John Jay. I am running for this position to make this school a better place for future students.


Christopher Cazares

My name is Christopher Cazares, I am running for Senior Representative of Student Council. One issue that I constantly see students struggle with is hunger and not having the financial means to purchase food or find food on campus. Most students don’t have the luxury of having money to buy food and some don’t have the chance to attend an event for food. I have spoken to food advocates at the Wellness Center, as a result, I have developed enhanced programing that is already in place for addressing this problem. I plan to create events centered around providing access to free food for students that are facing hardships, in order to raise awareness of food inequality on campus. I will bring cuisines from different cultures and countries in attempt to diversify options for the student body. Vote for me, because i CAzaRES for you!