Junior Representative Candidates

Brianna Rojas

My name is Brianna Rojas. I am a transfer student from SUNY Orange, where I got my Associates in Science. I am attending this school in my junior year with a major of Law and Society. I am running for Junior Representative on the Student Council here at CUNY John Jay. Even though this is my first semester here at John Jay it isn’t my first semester on student council. At SUNY Orange I was the secretary of student senate for two semesters and I feel like my time on the student council was definitely proactive. Because of my lack of time here, I am not fully aware of some of the students main concerns at this school. I’m eager to work with students and the student council by being an additional dedicated student voice in our school and helping to make our college an even more wonderful place to be. I hope to increase student involvement amongst the college community by working on ways to broadcast to the students the achievements and all that is going on amongst our campus. I feel as though student involvement is such an important aspect in having that memorable college experience. I strongly depend on communication. I feel as though each student should be communicated to about what is going on throughout their campus and the opportunities that are offered daily. I promise to be dedicated to this position and to have an open ear to all of the concerns across our campus.