Presidental Candidates

Debbie Chan

Hello students of John Jay, my name is Debbie Chan, running for Student Council President. I started John Jay in the Early Start Program and as a former Peer Ambassador and current Vice President for Ink Club, I want to improve campus life for students. This is my priority because we are all in this institution to give ourselves a better future, and it starts by having a leader who is going to be there throughout the process of making it easier for students. To have an active campus is important. Although some students may be more active than others, that does not mean that we should limit ourselves to what we can and cannot do. We need to inform students about services available to them and hold more life panels, like TedTalks, to motivate and prepare students to becoming the leaders and teachers for a better tomorrow.

Steven Pacheco

 Throughout his 2017 – 2018 term Steven Pacheco has spent much of his focus on restoring relationships with departments and students that have had little to no interaction with Student Council in previous years. He has played a key role in increasing the level of transparency and accountability amongst his peers at the college, not just Student Council.

As President of Student Council, here are Steven’s top priorities:
● Providing more opportunities that are consistent with student’s interests
● Greater visibility from student representatives
● Expanding the power and reach of Student Council by      allowing more individuals to get involved

He has already begun strategizing comprehensive plans for the upcoming academic year with running mates Elza Kochueva (Vice President) and Elisa Crespo (USS Delegate and College Council at Large Representative).

Students deserve a leader they can depend on to rally the student body in the right direction. Steven Pacheco is the dependable Presidential candidate.